Beauty Or Knowledge

Yeshua, me and my sister, were standing by the Lilac bush on the front lawn talking about me and my sister’s future when suddenly he popped an intriguing question:  Pick between beauty or knowledge.

My sister quickly answered, “Beauty!”

I pondered for a moment delving into the two aspects of the words and meanings, and since she had already picked beauty I said, “Knowledge, but what if I wanted to pick beauty, or both?”

He said, “Knowledge was already yours from the beginning, and you’ve been filled with knowledge since you were born.”

I wondered what he meant as I sat there going over what he had just said to me.  Then he said to learn about Zerubbabel.  And he kept saying his name over and over and said to get out of Babylon.

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God Still Intervenes Using His Angels

My sister and I were around eleven years old and hanging out at the back of the barn on a lazy afternoon. We had finished cleaning the chicken coup and were just standing in the grove talking.  One of my older brothers (we were adopted into this home) walked out and attacked my sister, and began to rip off her clothes to rape her.

She was on the ground now, and there wasn’t much I could do but pick up a limb that fell off a tree and hit on his back.  I whacked him so hard he got up and came for me.  I swung the limb, and it hit him on his head, and I told him I’d do it again.  He stopped then turned around and said, “I’ll be back with my biggest and sharpest knife to kill you.” The sneer and dead cold look in his eyes made me wonder if he’d actually do it.  “I’ll be back!” He said and with that, he backed away as I held on to the branch ready to take another swing.

We weren’t sure if he was serious or not so we ran and hid in the bushes, meanwhile, he went back to his bedroom.  It had been about twenty minutes when we saw a glowing light and then there appeared an angel like Lurch standing in front of us.  He told us to stand up, so we did.  He said, “Today God intervened in your life, they were going to kill one of you,” as he looked over at me.  Then he began to explain with a similitude.

The middle oldest went back to his room where his two other brothers were.  He had a collection of hunting knives wrapped up in a folding cloth and laid it down on his bed to pick out the best sharpest knife he had.  When he was about to pick it out of the case, the angel knocked the whole collection onto the floor.  He went to pick it up but then the angel kicked it out of his reach and continued until he started laughing, and the youngest one went to pick it up.  Again, the angel kicked it out of his reach, and they all became frightened thinking they had ghosts in the house and  they stopped.

After the angel had explained, he turned around and walked into the field and suddenly disappeared.  We looked at each other thankful but also fearful that they would go to such a degree.  When we went back inside the house the youngest of the three boys told us the story, leaving out the intent to kill part.  He was very frightened.  I smiled and turned walked away thinking God is watching over us.  He never did leave.  We may not be able to see him in this realm but he is here, always.  Yeshua said to me while we were together, “I will never leave or forsake you.  I’m closer than your mother, father, brother, sister.”  I saw the Holy Spirit walking next to me.  It was times like this that reaffirmed to me that God is still on the throne.

When we are faced with danger and there is no way out,  God will take care of you.  In these end times just know for a fact that if you trust Him he’ll lead you to a safe passage

What I Know About Death Part 7

Everything God made, including the grass and trees, praises God, lifting up their own voice and song to heaven, except humans.  Humans are the exception because we’re here to make a choice between “good” and “evil”.  We don’t really belong in this dimension, and we’re here for only a short time. Earth has always been our home, just not in the flesh world.  And Mother Earth is alive.  Not to say to worship the earth I’m just saying that it’s living.  With Satan’s first rebellion, heaven and earth were split, the redemption plan was made, and we all agreed to come to this realm on earth, to be born of woman out of the bag of water, and innocent of what happened, to make our choice.  Satan (second rebellion), and the fallen, disobeyed.  This is the evil we now fight against.  So, just to say, we lived here on this earth before in the spiritual realm with God.  And now we’re dumbed down and separated from God.  Only through Christ do we have access.  We are separated until everything is restored back to its original format which is after the Millennium. We look in our spirit body the same as we do in our flesh body, they’re just different bodies.

While in paradise and walking on the trail between the wheat field and ravine and the other side which was the garden, I stopped to look at these tiny blue flowers growing on the side.  I had to step off the path and walk on the grass to get to the spot, and I noticed once I stepped off I felt the grass under my feet.  Not in a physical way, but a spiritual way, where I felt I was hurting it and kind of absorbing the energy.  I knelt down, and I saw the light emanating off and I could hear the singing.  The little flowers were the same way, like one voice, and they were happy.  It was the sound of “Joy.”

When I was back on earth, I saw the same thing, but it was to a lesser degree.  After that, I never liked walking on the grass and I respected the earth.  I can see the outline of the light around the trees, and it’s always a reminder for me.

It’s like, in our flesh bodies we have our spirit body inside, and if you look close enough, you can see your spirit.  The best place I see mine is between my fingers behind a dark background.  It’s faint, but I can see it…. At least I can.

Animals also have spirit bodies, and during the millennium you can see your pets again. Treat your animals well because God doesn’t like any of his creations being abused. Actually, he hates it as well as he does the earth being destroyed by wicked people.

I think the flat earth phenomena was sparked around a misunderstanding and confusion about which realm they’re referring to.  Earth is a planet, and it’s a spherical shape. Paradise is flat with a dome over it and the gulf is below in the basement.  So in a way they are right, they just got the dimension wrong. I’ve seen people defriending each other on Facebook and wars breaking out about this subject… I hope this clears things up.

When people die, there are only three places you could go.  There is paradise which is in two parts. You either make it to the “good side” or you go to the “bad side”.  Both places are holding places until the Millennium period begins and then everybody joins up on earth.  But there is a gulf (a separation) until they come out of it.  The end of flesh will be over at this time.  There really is no hell at this time.  The Gulf is a “punishment”, but it’s in your own mind, you’ve created it, and there are all sorts of degrees.  The third place is only for the fallen angels, or “Nephilim”.  They are still born to this day, but when they die, they stay on earth (they’re earth-bound) but they’re in a different realm/dimension.  These are the demons, ghosts, familiar spirits, etc., that the ghost hunters keep bumping into and recording. There is a Pharasine doctrine mixed in with God’s word, so a lot of people believe that when they die they stay on earth… well some do, but if you aren’t a Nephilim, and most aren’t, you don’t, you go back up to paradise from whence you came.

I could go deeper into the fallen angels and so forth but I’ll just sum it up.  Some of them are chained up in Tartarus and will be released when Satan is cast to earth for his tribulation.  You have to be especially evil to deserve that sort of punishment and holding cell.  And Satan himself is chained up on the other side of the ravine in paradise until the war in heaven breaks out then he’s to be cast down to earth.  He was put there when Christ died on the cross and defeated death.  Earth’s realm/dimension was placed with Satan’s spirit as well as our Christ’s Holy Spirit to balance everything out for now.  When Satan is cast out, here defacto,  we will have the two witnesses sent here from above.  As well, while we will have the 7000 very elect, we also will have Satan’s own 7000, again, for balance (where there is positive, there too is negative, and vice versa).  Everything has balance you just have to find the truth through the deception.

What I Know About Death Part 5

While being in my spiritual body, Lurch and me, my sister and her angel sat in our bedroom on the couch talking.  Lurch asked, “What is your favorite part of life?”

I didn’t have to think too hard as I squealed out, “Chocolate cake and ice cream, fudge Brownies, chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate syrup. swimming in the lake, running through a field of corn, camping in a tent and sleeping in a sleeping bag under the stars!”

He said he wasn’t given free choice and he wondered how that felt like.  I couldn’t tell him much but that you get in trouble a lot and that getting a spanking is the hardest part. People are always angry and they rarely tell you the truth and even times it’s hard to tell the truth to someone else if you know it will hurt their feelings.  Sometimes you’re so confused in doing the right thing because even though it’s the truth and someone else is at fault it can be twisted round then the whole world hates you.

He gazed into my eyes and I wondered if he could read my thoughts as my last statement was a harsh reality I was living, being molested almost every day and not being able to tell anyone.  The consequences would be that me and my sister would have to move out of that house.  The social worker told us that was out last stop.  We were too old now to get a permanent home and we’d end up getting split up and probably never see each other again.

Then the boys came in our room to molest us.  Lurch glared and I could tell he wanted to do something but then he knew it was free will.  It was their free will inflicting pain on us.  I dared not say a word as they searched everywhere for us.  Our physical bodies had a protective bubble around them so they couldn’t find them.    I felt safe with Lurch and I cringed knowing I’d have to go back to that as we watched them looking under the bed, then walked right past us to search in the closet.


What I know About Death Part 6

We were all sitting on the couch in our bedroom and my twin sister turns to me.  She was sitting next to her angel and I was sitting next to Lurch, the awesome one!  But she was sad so she asked, “Can we trade angels now…?”  I really didn’t want to but she deserved to be happy too and I wanted her to be happy.  The best time in my life on earth up to that moment was when we were sitting there chilling out.  There was nothing going to harm us, completely protected and I knew Lurch would save us if something did try to.  I was wondering why she got a different angel… why didn’t she get another Lurch?   I had seen plenty of angels up to that point and they were mostly like him… why was her’s so different?  I don’t know if I had known him from a long time past or he was just sent by God to save us that night.  All I knew was he’d always be near even if I couldn’t see him after we had to go back to our bodies.  And there were others sent on our behalf while we were in the physical realm when we were in real danger of getting killed by the three boys.

I scooted over and let her sit by Lurch as I moved and sat by her angel.  I didn’t ask him his name for some reason and she didn’t either but somewhere in the back of my mind I thought it was Michael.  He was like everything and everybody.  I tried starting a conversation with him.  He seemed bothered by his own demise of constantly changing as well.  As a friend, I consoled him and said I understood his sorrow but I wanted to know his purpose.  He wouldn’t tell me and maybe he didn’t know but for that moment he was there to guide my sister through and get her back to her body safely.  I’m not sure if he also followed her afterward until the day she died decades later, or could have been one of the three angels I saw take her.  Those angels are a lot different.

I glanced over at my sister who was now sitting on Lurch’s lap and giving him a huge hug.  She was saying she didn’t want to trade back and Lurch was kind of in the middle saying he didn’t mind sharing.  He was like having the bestest friend ever, so I told her we could share him and that I didn’t mind.  I just wanted her to experience what I was although her’s was a lot different.  We weren’t shown the same things except for a few things.  And my main focus was on endtime events while her’s was taking a tour of heaven.


Opening The First Five Seals, Vials, and Trumps – War In America

In a previous blog, I wrote an article titled The Beginning Of Sorrows where I tell you about a super storm to hit the Midwest/East Coast region of the United States followed by a 10+ earthquake along the Pacific Northwest coastal region.  The two natural disasters are the signals/signs letting you know that the beginning of sorrows, which is the opening up of the first five seals, vials, and trumps, is soon after.  What follows is a direct result because of the U.S. economy, which will literally set off a whirlwind of events.

The dollar is held up, manipulated, and hanging by a string at this time, although it appears it is manageable.  Our hope now is with our new President to get industry and jobs back on American soil, but that takes time and cooperation from leaders all over the world and bankers who run the world-wide show.  The economy is set to fail with millions of illegal aliens flooding over our borders and refugee’s flown in undercover through the last administration.  Now, add two devastating natural events and it won’t matter what anybody says or does, the real story behind the so-called “recovery” will be revealed and the dollar is doomed.  We are going to go through the devaluing of the dollar and hardship as we have never seen before.  Add all of the discontents purposely perpetrated, and the race issues, and war will break out.

Let’s look at our political system which is also heavily divided, or so it may seem?  All that we, the little people, are allowed to see is discontent within the ranks and the fighting for power. It could all be a ruse.  In my opinion, however, I believe that President Trump is trying to save America and he will be the last president.  I’ll add, he is the character “Antipas” as written about in the book of  Revelation 2:13 “I know thy works (Church of Pergamos), and where thou dwellest (take abode), even where Satan’s seat (throne) is: and thou holdest fast My name, and hast not (didst deny) denied My faith, even in those days where Antipas was My faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.”

Are you getting the picture yet?  President Trump has to work with the Synagogue of Satan (NWO) but isn’t one of them (he is not a Kenite or a Nephilim) and he is killed because he puts a wrench into the Babylonian New World Order system which then causes the Fatal Wound to the Beast Head (the world financial system).  With President Trump trying to make America Great again he disrupts the NWO plans, which actually HELPS the NWO, because Satan, the Antichrist, is then ushered in to fix the world’s problems.

This is what I was shown in a similitude:  Both natural disasters occur close together in the summer as I have told you (Could be this year/2017).  What follows is in the fall, the dollar devalues and war breaks out in America, both physically and spiritually.  People will lose their homes, their cars, their money, etc., and they’ll be forced to move in one with another.  When you lose everything and have nothing else to lose, this is where war begins.  It will be hard to buy enough food to feed yourself, much less feed a family.  Now, this part I really hate to say because of being graphic. The SOW/Sin Of The World – affecting both spiritually and physically – will lead to parents eating their children or people eating other people.  Then, when all the children were eaten, they began to look to each other.. “Cannibalism.”   

Have you wondered why the topic of cannibalism has been popping up in the mass media? And a new Netflix’s cannibal comedy series “Santa Clarita Diet,” around a suburb in L.A. whose cookie-cutter homes serve as the backdrop for a story about a real estate agent (Drew Barrymore) who develops an appetite for human flesh.  I believe we are being desensitized for what people may succumb to later when real hunger sets in.

The good news is God’s people are protected and the war doesn’t last long (2-3 months) so it’s a good idea to have some food and water set aside to get you through.  I would suggest having one year supply of food, which is about the time-frame from start to finish of all the seals, vials, trumps (bowl judgments) 1-7.

“Into Paradise, Dragon, Sin Of The World, And Portals”

(I can not tell you everything I was shown so there may appear to be missing parts).

Once we got through the tunnel, we came to an end and like a white veil hanging over the opening into paradise, we entered.  There was a small trail that we were supposed to walk on.  On the right was lush green grass, colorful flowers, fruit trees, a river that started from a hole on the side of the hill that started out as a small creek and enlarged as it went down and you couldn’t pass over to the other side.  Up on the hill was the millennial Kingdom.  A bench sat by the fruit trees in the garden.

To the left was a ravine with a small creek running through and a wheat field.  In the wheat field was a dragon chained up.   He had six heads running down his neck.  There was a fence that surrounded him, and an angel stood guard outside the fence.  (This is Satan right now, but there will be a war in heaven, and he and the other fallen angels will be thrown out and cast down to earth, DE FACTO). WOE, WOE, WOE!!!

Lurch took us through showing us around and then Yeshua wanted to talk to us individually.  He showed me where the people that didn’t make it to the good side of paradise go to.  We walked to the edge of the garden, and he drew a window on the ground and opened up a window and had me look inside.  People were wearing normal clothes, not white garments and they were jammed packed next but unaware of each other in a cave or basement with a smooth grey rock.  There were windows up above where they could see a glimpse of what they were missing out on.  They were filled with remorse and unrepentant sins, so they created their own punishments in their minds and what they were experiencing.  They are sort of asleep but awake at the same time.  I didn’t see anybody burning up in hellfire, so they do create what is in their mind.  They are waiting for the millennium period to begin and awaken.  The 144,000 Priests in the Kingdom, the ones who taught false doctrine and traditions of men and misguided people will go in and teach them right this time and get them out if they want out.  But until then, they wait…

Next, I was taken to another part of paradise where Yeshua pulled up a similitude of earth.  At first, it was full of life and light, but then I began to see clouds forming and whirlwinds moving all around.  The clouds turned grey, then dark to blackness first in some areas, but then it surrounded the entire earth, encasing it in darkness and very little light shown out.  The earth trembled and shook.  He said, “This is the beginning of sorrows.”  Then he said he wanted to show me more but on earth itself.  We didn’t travel together, it was Lurch and me again.  I don’t know where my twin sister was, but I think she stayed up to talk to Yeshua while Lurch and I went back down into the physical realm on earth.

We had to pass the darkness I was just shown.  It was heavy, and I thought I was going to die.  Lurch pushed me through; otherwise, I wouldn’t have made it.,  Once we were out, we were standing on the lawn talking and then I saw Yeshua standing under the Willow tree.  It was time for me to go, so I left Lurch and walked up to him and said, “Here I am.”

First, he pulled out a vile with oil and anointed my right temple and forehead and told me I was a prophet and a teacher, but more of a teacher.  Then he told me to start writing down these things he was about to show me to give the last warning to his people.  So I got my scroll and pen and readied myself.

He said, “Look up at the sky, what do you see?”

I said, “I see blue sky, ” And I looked back to him.

He said, “Look again and pointed up.”

So I looked up again, this time I saw darkness that I had gone through and an ashy furnace type of substance falling down covering everything that was outside.  All the plants and trees, grass… everything.  At first, it was a light drizzle, then rain, then heavy rain, and then it was a blizzard to where I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.  “What is this?” I asked.

He said, “This is the sin of the world that has accumulated since the beginning of time and built up.  It is falling slowly now, but there will come a time when it dumps down.”

I looked at my white garment, now covered with the ash and tried to wipe it off.  He said, “You have to pray it off and wash it off your physical body.”

Then he took me to another similitude and showed myself in front of my house waiting for the event to happen knowing it would be very soon.  I was tending the yard and flowers when I looked up to the sky, and I could see the “SOW” begin to fall like a shower.  (There were other’s with me, but they were gone for the day probably working but just getting on with their day).  They all drove up in their cars, parked and ran inside. I also ran inside.  The house had been prepared for this moment.  Most of the windows were covered with wood, and only a couple left undone, including the front picture window in the kitchen and the back sliding door leading to the backyard.  There was a big pile of homemade canned food stacked on the kitchen floor where people had contributed.

The SOW was raining down now, and a man with a rifle was yelling and screaming as he was running down the driveway followed by a group of people chasing him.  He got to the front door and pounded on it, pleading to let him in.  We had already locked the door, and I hesitated to let him in but the group was closing in on him, so it was now or never, so I quickly opened the door and let him in.

Once he got in, he was nervous while the others didn’t appear to be.  The large group of people surrounded the house pounding on the side of the house, windows and doors acting crazy.  They weren’t part of us, and I wasn’t going to let anyone in after the last one.  The man with the rifle picked up a bottle of wine that somebody had brought and started drinking it.  I was warned against drinking any alcohol.  But he guzzled it down, panicked more, then broke out a window and begin to fire on the people outside.  They were growling and screeching making all sorts of scary noises.  He couldn’t take it anymore and ran to the sliding glass door, opened it and ran out into the mob where they gladly took him in, absorbing him… I’m not sure what they did to him, but he disappeared.

Then complete darkness as the SOW blizzarded and we quickly closed up all the windows and patched up the broken out window.  Yeshua told me not to go out in it or let any of the air from the outside in. The final move was to pack a towel in the fireplace chute.  Then he said, “If you have to go outside for anything do so quickly, and come back.  Leave your clothes at the door, then come inside, take a bath and wash everything including eyes, ears, hair even if you had just taken a bath that day.  Then you have to pray it off your spirit.”

I don’t know how long we’ll have to stay inside, but I believe at least seven days.  After the darkness is cleared away, we can go outside, and the sky will appear much brighter and cleaner than I’ve ever seen it before.  The Catholic Church will come out and say the Golden Age, and a new dawn is here, this is the beginning of much better things to come, and the world will listen to him.

I asked, “Can I tell people about this?”

He said, “Yes but they won’t believe you and call you crazy.  It is up to you whether you want to put up with it.  Most people will not listen.”  (He was testing me).

I said, “Yes, the world is going to change, never to be the same again soon…”  And I had in my mind that I’d tell the people so they could prepare regardless even if I was called names and mocked.  At least some people would listen, and that’s all that mattered.  Yeshua smiled approvingly.

This is also about the same time when portals begin to open around the world randomly. The supernatural will start to mesh in with our dimension.  These will open up and close at any given time, so you’ll need to watch where you’re going as you could walk right into one of them unaware and scoop you up and close.  I don’t know if you’ll ever get out of it.

Yeshua showed me one of the main portals that will be permanent.  There will be two of them, and they will be here when Satan the Antichrist is here pretending to be God.  It was round, swirly white cloudish, kind of liquid… hard to explain… and he said I could walk into and check it out.  When I stepped in, it was dark, and there were about 9 big heavy stone doors encircling all around me that were cracked open, and I could see some light illuminating from them.  I saw people going into one of them, they were being guided through.  It was a misty place, like a tunnel and I didn’t go any farther because I was warned that people get lost in them.  So I walked back and all the doors shut.  I stood in complete darkness and suddenly feared I wouldn’t be able to get out of there, but I found the passage I originally entered and came back out where he was waiting for me.

People will line up to go into these two portals when Satan is here telling people he is God.  I was told that people could get lost…  and I could see how easily it could be.  They take you to different dimensions, and a fallen angel will be your guide.  He’ll pretend he’s a good guy… this is all part of the deception coming soon.