“Into Paradise, Dragon, Sin Of The World, And Portals”

(I can not tell you everything I was shown so there may appear to be missing parts).

Once we got through the tunnel, we came to an end and like a white veil hanging over the opening into paradise, we entered.  There was a small trail that we were supposed to walk on.  On the right was lush green grass, colorful flowers, fruit trees, a river that started from a hole on the side of the hill that started out as a small creek and enlarged as it went down and you couldn’t pass over to the other side.  Up on the hill was the millennial Kingdom.  A bench sat by the fruit trees in the garden.

To the left was a ravine with a small creek running through and a wheat field.  In the wheat field was a dragon chained up.   He had six heads running down his neck.  There was a fence that surrounded him, and an angel stood guard outside the fence.  (This is Satan right now, but there will be a war in heaven, and he and the other fallen angels will be thrown out and cast down to earth, DE FACTO). WOE, WOE, WOE!!!

Lurch took us through showing us around and then Yeshua wanted to talk to us individually.  He showed me where the people that didn’t make it to the good side of paradise go to.  We walked to the edge of the garden, and he drew a window on the ground and opened up a window and had me look inside.  People were wearing normal clothes, not white garments and they were jammed packed next but unaware of each other in a cave or basement with a smooth grey rock.  There were windows up above where they could see a glimpse of what they were missing out on.  They were filled with remorse and unrepentant sins, so they created their own punishments in their minds and what they were experiencing.  They are sort of asleep but awake at the same time.  I didn’t see anybody burning up in hellfire, so they do create what is in their mind.  They are waiting for the millennium period to begin and awaken.  The 144,000 Priests in the Kingdom, the ones who taught false doctrine and traditions of men and misguided people will go in and teach them right this time and get them out if they want out.  But until then, they wait…

Next, I was taken to another part of paradise where Yeshua pulled up a similitude of earth.  At first, it was full of life and light, but then I began to see clouds forming and whirlwinds moving all around.  The clouds turned grey, then dark to blackness first in some areas, but then it surrounded the entire earth, encasing it in darkness and very little light shown out.  The earth trembled and shook.  He said, “This is the beginning of sorrows.”  Then he said he wanted to show me more but on earth itself.  We didn’t travel together, it was Lurch and me again.  I don’t know where my twin sister was, but I think she stayed up to talk to Yeshua while Lurch and I went back down into the physical realm on earth.

We had to pass the darkness I was just shown.  It was heavy, and I thought I was going to die.  Lurch pushed me through; otherwise, I wouldn’t have made it.,  Once we were out, we were standing on the lawn talking and then I saw Yeshua standing under the Willow tree.  It was time for me to go, so I left Lurch and walked up to him and said, “Here I am.”

First, he pulled out a vile with oil and anointed my right temple and forehead and told me I was a prophet and a teacher, but more of a teacher.  Then he told me to start writing down these things he was about to show me to give the last warning to his people.  So I got my scroll and pen and readied myself.

He said, “Look up at the sky, what do you see?”

I said, “I see blue sky, ” And I looked back to him.

He said, “Look again and pointed up.”

So I looked up again, this time I saw darkness that I had gone through and an ashy furnace type of substance falling down covering everything that was outside.  All the plants and trees, grass… everything.  At first, it was a light drizzle, then rain, then heavy rain, and then it was a blizzard to where I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.  “What is this?” I asked.

He said, “This is the sin of the world that has accumulated since the beginning of time and built up.  It is falling slowly now, but there will come a time when it dumps down.”

I looked at my white garment, now covered with the ash and tried to wipe it off.  He said, “You have to pray it off and wash it off your physical body.”

Then he took me to another similitude and showed myself in front of my house waiting for the event to happen knowing it would be very soon.  I was tending the yard and flowers when I looked up to the sky, and I could see the “SOW” begin to fall like a shower.  (There were other’s with me, but they were gone for the day probably working but just getting on with their day).  They all drove up in their cars, parked and ran inside. I also ran inside.  The house had been prepared for this moment.  Most of the windows were covered with wood, and only a couple left undone, including the front picture window in the kitchen and the back sliding door leading to the backyard.  There was a big pile of homemade canned food stacked on the kitchen floor where people had contributed.

The SOW was raining down now, and a man with a rifle was yelling and screaming as he was running down the driveway followed by a group of people chasing him.  He got to the front door and pounded on it, pleading to let him in.  We had already locked the door, and I hesitated to let him in but the group was closing in on him, so it was now or never, so I quickly opened the door and let him in.

Once he got in, he was nervous while the others didn’t appear to be.  The large group of people surrounded the house pounding on the side of the house, windows and doors acting crazy.  They weren’t part of us, and I wasn’t going to let anyone in after the last one.  The man with the rifle picked up a bottle of wine that somebody had brought and started drinking it.  I was warned against drinking any alcohol.  But he guzzled it down, panicked more, then broke out a window and begin to fire on the people outside.  They were growling and screeching making all sorts of scary noises.  He couldn’t take it anymore and ran to the sliding glass door, opened it and ran out into the mob where they gladly took him in, absorbing him… I’m not sure what they did to him, but he disappeared.

Then complete darkness as the SOW blizzarded and we quickly closed up all the windows and patched up the broken out window.  Yeshua told me not to go out in it or let any of the air from the outside in. The final move was to pack a towel in the fireplace chute.  Then he said, “If you have to go outside for anything do so quickly, and come back.  Leave your clothes at the door, then come inside, take a bath and wash everything including eyes, ears, hair even if you had just taken a bath that day.  Then you have to pray it off your spirit.”

I don’t know how long we’ll have to stay inside, but I believe at least seven days.  After the darkness is cleared away, we can go outside, and the sky will appear much brighter and cleaner than I’ve ever seen it before.  The Catholic Church will come out and say the Golden Age, and a new dawn is here, this is the beginning of much better things to come, and the world will listen to him.

I asked, “Can I tell people about this?”

He said, “Yes but they won’t believe you and call you crazy.  It is up to you whether you want to put up with it.  Most people will not listen.”  (He was testing me).

I said, “Yes, the world is going to change, never to be the same again soon…”  And I had in my mind that I’d tell the people so they could prepare regardless even if I was called names and mocked.  At least some people would listen, and that’s all that mattered.  Yeshua smiled approvingly.

This is also about the same time when portals begin to open around the world randomly. The supernatural will start to mesh in with our dimension.  These will open up and close at any given time, so you’ll need to watch where you’re going as you could walk right into one of them unaware and scoop you up and close.  I don’t know if you’ll ever get out of it.

Yeshua showed me one of the main portals that will be permanent.  There will be two of them, and they will be here when Satan the Antichrist is here pretending to be God.  It was round, swirly white cloudish, kind of liquid… hard to explain… and he said I could walk into and check it out.  When I stepped in, it was dark, and there were about 9 big heavy stone doors encircling all around me that were cracked open, and I could see some light illuminating from them.  I saw people going into one of them, they were being guided through.  It was a misty place, like a tunnel and I didn’t go any farther because I was warned that people get lost in them.  So I walked back and all the doors shut.  I stood in complete darkness and suddenly feared I wouldn’t be able to get out of there, but I found the passage I originally entered and came back out where he was waiting for me.

People will line up to go into these two portals when Satan is here telling people he is God.  I was told that people could get lost…  and I could see how easily it could be.  They take you to different dimensions, and a fallen angel will be your guide.  He’ll pretend he’s a good guy… this is all part of the deception coming soon.




4 thoughts on ““Into Paradise, Dragon, Sin Of The World, And Portals”

  1. This is good. Holy Spirit spoke to me of portals open everywhere. Scientist are sending up equipment to find portal doors open.

    1. Our world as we know it will be changing soon and it will never be the same again… it’s time to really prepare mentally and spiritually to be able to handle it. People who don’t have a clue will go crazy unable to cope. The one thing that is disconcerting is people who are on psych drugs… and if their prescriptions can’t be refilled because of the war that is coming and that’s only the beginning of sorrows.

  2. Excellent writing once again! This is like Dante’s Inferno, with Lurch. You are my favorite American writer since Mark Twain.

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