What I Know About Death Part 4

I was nineteen years old living in California at the time when this occurred.  I was having pains in my stomach and my primary care doctor thought it was appendicitis so I was taken to UC Davis for emergency surgery.  I tell you, never, ever need emergency surgery or get a Dr. Black as your anesthesiologist.

So they took me into the operating room and put me under and began but half way through I woke up.  The surgeon was telling the anesthesiologist that I was awake but he was mad because it was my fault he wasn’t at his kids birthday party and didn’t care. They are argued for about five minutes until he agreed to sedate more but then I had a reaction and my heart stopped beating.

The room suddenly got bigger and was filled with angels.  The wall behind my head suddenly had windows lined next to each other and angels would go in and out of them. They wanted me to go with them.  Around the people performing the surgery, I could hear the dr.s arguing about who was going to perform CPR and if not how to explain to my parents about how I died on a routine surgery.  I guess it was the anesthesiologist’s responsibility to perform CPR but he refused so the surgeon stepped in.  I felt a blow to my chest a couple of times and then pumping.  After that everything went dark and I woke up in a cold recovery room with Dr. Black – an appropriate name for him.  He was slapping my face hard side to side screaming at me to wake up so he could get to his son’s birthday party.  My eyes refused to open but I could move my arms and hands so I reached up and pulled my eyelids open.  I just wanted out of that hospital.

A nurse wheeled me out into the hallway to take me to my room as this Dr. Black was yelling and showing me my death on paper and telling me he was destroying the evidence.  He said I died for fifteen minutes and that shouldn’t have happened. Meanwhile, I was screaming for my boyfriend to come to my rescue, still holding open my eyelids.  The nurse was laughing.  It was a crazy place… I suggest nobody go there… ever.

6 thoughts on “What I Know About Death Part 4

  1. Omg Kristy! Surreal evil doctors! Dead 15 minutes! Dr just cared about saving his butt. Scary stuff!

    1. I know right?!! Stay away from doctors and hospitals… the majority are there just to get a paycheck… and I think a name says a lot about a person… So if you have a Dr. Black, or Death, or anything in that way… RUN!

  2. During my hysterectomy, I had respiratory failure due to the anesthesia. I wonder if that meant I died. When I was six going on seven, I went into a coma due to measles encephalitis. Fortunately I survived. I never saw the world he same way, so I know I went somewhere. It opened my third eye. I don’t recall my visits to wherever I went on those occasions. Still, I learned a lot there.

    1. I saw two kids in paradise and they were in a coma because of a sledding accident. I saw their hospital room and their parents standing over them waiting for them to wake up. During that time they were in paradise to heal their bodies and they’d return back and face struggles in their life. They knew they were going back but I don’t think they really wanted to go except that they saw their parents and the pain it caused them. I know that once you cross the veil into the other side your life does change, you don’t return the same person. Many come back with gifts. And I think once you’ve gone to the other side it’s easier for your spirit to slip out of your body.

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