Opening The First Five Seals, Vials, and Trumps – War In America

In a previous blog, I wrote an article titled The Beginning Of Sorrows where I tell you about a super storm to hit the Midwest/East Coast region of the United States followed by a 10+ earthquake along the Pacific Northwest coastal region.  The two natural disasters are the signals/signs letting you know that the beginning of sorrows, which is the opening up of the first five seals, vials, and trumps, is soon after.  What follows is a direct result because of the U.S. economy, which will literally set off a whirlwind of events.

The dollar is held up, manipulated, and hanging by a string at this time, although it appears it is manageable.  Our hope now is with our new President to get industry and jobs back on American soil, but that takes time and cooperation from leaders all over the world and bankers who run the world-wide show.  The economy is set to fail with millions of illegal aliens flooding over our borders and refugee’s flown in undercover through the last administration.  Now, add two devastating natural events and it won’t matter what anybody says or does, the real story behind the so-called “recovery” will be revealed and the dollar is doomed.  We are going to go through the devaluing of the dollar and hardship as we have never seen before.  Add all of the discontents purposely perpetrated, and the race issues, and war will break out.

Let’s look at our political system which is also heavily divided, or so it may seem?  All that we, the little people, are allowed to see is discontent within the ranks and the fighting for power. It could all be a ruse.  In my opinion, however, I believe that President Trump is trying to save America and he will be the last president.  I’ll add, he is the character “Antipas” as written about in the book of  Revelation 2:13 “I know thy works (Church of Pergamos), and where thou dwellest (take abode), even where Satan’s seat (throne) is: and thou holdest fast My name, and hast not (didst deny) denied My faith, even in those days where Antipas was My faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.”

Are you getting the picture yet?  President Trump has to work with the Synagogue of Satan (NWO) but isn’t one of them (he is not a Kenite or a Nephilim) and he is killed because he puts a wrench into the Babylonian New World Order system which then causes the Fatal Wound to the Beast Head (the world financial system).  With President Trump trying to make America Great again he disrupts the NWO plans, which actually HELPS the NWO, because Satan, the Antichrist, is then ushered in to fix the world’s problems.

This is what I was shown in a similitude:  Both natural disasters occur close together in the summer as I have told you (Could be this year/2017).  What follows is in the fall, the dollar devalues and war breaks out in America, both physically and spiritually.  People will lose their homes, their cars, their money, etc., and they’ll be forced to move in one with another.  When you lose everything and have nothing else to lose, this is where war begins.  It will be hard to buy enough food to feed yourself, much less feed a family.  Now, this part I really hate to say because of being graphic. The SOW/Sin Of The World – affecting both spiritually and physically – will lead to parents eating their children or people eating other people.  Then, when all the children were eaten, they began to look to each other.. “Cannibalism.”   

Have you wondered why the topic of cannibalism has been popping up in the mass media? And a new Netflix’s cannibal comedy series “Santa Clarita Diet,” around a suburb in L.A. whose cookie-cutter homes serve as the backdrop for a story about a real estate agent (Drew Barrymore) who develops an appetite for human flesh.  I believe we are being desensitized for what people may succumb to later when real hunger sets in.

The good news is God’s people are protected and the war doesn’t last long (2-3 months) so it’s a good idea to have some food and water set aside to get you through.  I would suggest having one year supply of food, which is about the time-frame from start to finish of all the seals, vials, trumps (bowl judgments) 1-7.

2 thoughts on “Opening The First Five Seals, Vials, and Trumps – War In America

  1. Excellent writing and a well-thought-out argument. As a vegetarian, I sincerely hope I don’t resort to cannibalism. I love your writing, Kristy.

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