What I Know About Death Part 5

While being in my spiritual body, Lurch and me, my sister and her angel sat in our bedroom on the couch talking.  Lurch asked, “What is your favorite part of life?”

I didn’t have to think too hard as I squealed out, “Chocolate cake and ice cream, fudge Brownies, chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate syrup. swimming in the lake, running through a field of corn, camping in a tent and sleeping in a sleeping bag under the stars!”

He said he wasn’t given free choice and he wondered how that felt like.  I couldn’t tell him much but that you get in trouble a lot and that getting a spanking is the hardest part. People are always angry and they rarely tell you the truth and even times it’s hard to tell the truth to someone else if you know it will hurt their feelings.  Sometimes you’re so confused in doing the right thing because even though it’s the truth and someone else is at fault it can be twisted round then the whole world hates you.

He gazed into my eyes and I wondered if he could read my thoughts as my last statement was a harsh reality I was living, being molested almost every day and not being able to tell anyone.  The consequences would be that me and my sister would have to move out of that house.  The social worker told us that was out last stop.  We were too old now to get a permanent home and we’d end up getting split up and probably never see each other again.

Then the boys came in our room to molest us.  Lurch glared and I could tell he wanted to do something but then he knew it was free will.  It was their free will inflicting pain on us.  I dared not say a word as they searched everywhere for us.  Our physical bodies had a protective bubble around them so they couldn’t find them.    I felt safe with Lurch and I cringed knowing I’d have to go back to that as we watched them looking under the bed, then walked right past us to search in the closet.


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