What I know About Death Part 6

We were all sitting on the couch in our bedroom and my twin sister turns to me.  She was sitting next to her angel and I was sitting next to Lurch, the awesome one!  But she was sad so she asked, “Can we trade angels now…?”  I really didn’t want to but she deserved to be happy too and I wanted her to be happy.  The best time in my life on earth up to that moment was when we were sitting there chilling out.  There was nothing going to harm us, completely protected and I knew Lurch would save us if something did try to.  I was wondering why she got a different angel… why didn’t she get another Lurch?   I had seen plenty of angels up to that point and they were mostly like him… why was her’s so different?  I don’t know if I had known him from a long time past or he was just sent by God to save us that night.  All I knew was he’d always be near even if I couldn’t see him after we had to go back to our bodies.  And there were others sent on our behalf while we were in the physical realm when we were in real danger of getting killed by the three boys.

I scooted over and let her sit by Lurch as I moved and sat by her angel.  I didn’t ask him his name for some reason and she didn’t either but somewhere in the back of my mind I thought it was Michael.  He was like everything and everybody.  I tried starting a conversation with him.  He seemed bothered by his own demise of constantly changing as well.  As a friend, I consoled him and said I understood his sorrow but I wanted to know his purpose.  He wouldn’t tell me and maybe he didn’t know but for that moment he was there to guide my sister through and get her back to her body safely.  I’m not sure if he also followed her afterward until the day she died decades later, or could have been one of the three angels I saw take her.  Those angels are a lot different.

I glanced over at my sister who was now sitting on Lurch’s lap and giving him a huge hug.  She was saying she didn’t want to trade back and Lurch was kind of in the middle saying he didn’t mind sharing.  He was like having the bestest friend ever, so I told her we could share him and that I didn’t mind.  I just wanted her to experience what I was although her’s was a lot different.  We weren’t shown the same things except for a few things.  And my main focus was on endtime events while her’s was taking a tour of heaven.


2 thoughts on “What I know About Death Part 6

  1. Poor Michael was sad because he could see the future. Lurch, on the other hand, was happy because he knew you would spread the good word. Excellent.

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