What I Know About Death Part 7

Everything God made, including the grass and trees, praises God, lifting up their own voice and song to heaven, except humans.  Humans are the exception because we’re here to make a choice between “good” and “evil”.  We don’t really belong in this dimension, and we’re here for only a short time. Earth has always been our home, just not in the flesh world.  And Mother Earth is alive.  Not to say to worship the earth I’m just saying that it’s living.  With Satan’s first rebellion, heaven and earth were split, the redemption plan was made, and we all agreed to come to this realm on earth, to be born of woman out of the bag of water, and innocent of what happened, to make our choice.  Satan (second rebellion), and the fallen, disobeyed.  This is the evil we now fight against.  So, just to say, we lived here on this earth before in the spiritual realm with God.  And now we’re dumbed down and separated from God.  Only through Christ do we have access.  We are separated until everything is restored back to its original format which is after the Millennium. We look in our spirit body the same as we do in our flesh body, they’re just different bodies.

While in paradise and walking on the trail between the wheat field and ravine and the other side which was the garden, I stopped to look at these tiny blue flowers growing on the side.  I had to step off the path and walk on the grass to get to the spot, and I noticed once I stepped off I felt the grass under my feet.  Not in a physical way, but a spiritual way, where I felt I was hurting it and kind of absorbing the energy.  I knelt down, and I saw the light emanating off and I could hear the singing.  The little flowers were the same way, like one voice, and they were happy.  It was the sound of “Joy.”

When I was back on earth, I saw the same thing, but it was to a lesser degree.  After that, I never liked walking on the grass and I respected the earth.  I can see the outline of the light around the trees, and it’s always a reminder for me.

It’s like, in our flesh bodies we have our spirit body inside, and if you look close enough, you can see your spirit.  The best place I see mine is between my fingers behind a dark background.  It’s faint, but I can see it…. At least I can.

Animals also have spirit bodies, and during the millennium you can see your pets again. Treat your animals well because God doesn’t like any of his creations being abused. Actually, he hates it as well as he does the earth being destroyed by wicked people.

I think the flat earth phenomena was sparked around a misunderstanding and confusion about which realm they’re referring to.  Earth is a planet, and it’s a spherical shape. Paradise is flat with a dome over it and the gulf is below in the basement.  So in a way they are right, they just got the dimension wrong. I’ve seen people defriending each other on Facebook and wars breaking out about this subject… I hope this clears things up.

When people die, there are only three places you could go.  There is paradise which is in two parts. You either make it to the “good side” or you go to the “bad side”.  Both places are holding places until the Millennium period begins and then everybody joins up on earth.  But there is a gulf (a separation) until they come out of it.  The end of flesh will be over at this time.  There really is no hell at this time.  The Gulf is a “punishment”, but it’s in your own mind, you’ve created it, and there are all sorts of degrees.  The third place is only for the fallen angels, or “Nephilim”.  They are still born to this day, but when they die, they stay on earth (they’re earth-bound) but they’re in a different realm/dimension.  These are the demons, ghosts, familiar spirits, etc., that the ghost hunters keep bumping into and recording. There is a Pharasine doctrine mixed in with God’s word, so a lot of people believe that when they die they stay on earth… well some do, but if you aren’t a Nephilim, and most aren’t, you don’t, you go back up to paradise from whence you came.

I could go deeper into the fallen angels and so forth but I’ll just sum it up.  Some of them are chained up in Tartarus and will be released when Satan is cast to earth for his tribulation.  You have to be especially evil to deserve that sort of punishment and holding cell.  And Satan himself is chained up on the other side of the ravine in paradise until the war in heaven breaks out then he’s to be cast down to earth.  He was put there when Christ died on the cross and defeated death.  Earth’s realm/dimension was placed with Satan’s spirit as well as our Christ’s Holy Spirit to balance everything out for now.  When Satan is cast out, here defacto,  we will have the two witnesses sent here from above.  As well, while we will have the 7000 very elect, we also will have Satan’s own 7000, again, for balance (where there is positive, there too is negative, and vice versa).  Everything has balance you just have to find the truth through the deception.

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