God Still Intervenes Using His Angels

My sister and I were around eleven years old and hanging out at the back of the barn on a lazy afternoon. We had finished cleaning the chicken coup and were just standing in the grove talking.  One of my older brothers (we were adopted into this home) walked out and attacked my sister, and began to rip off her clothes to rape her.

She was on the ground now, and there wasn’t much I could do but pick up a limb that fell off a tree and hit on his back.  I whacked him so hard he got up and came for me.  I swung the limb, and it hit him on his head, and I told him I’d do it again.  He stopped then turned around and said, “I’ll be back with my biggest and sharpest knife to kill you.” The sneer and dead cold look in his eyes made me wonder if he’d actually do it.  “I’ll be back!” He said and with that, he backed away as I held on to the branch ready to take another swing.

We weren’t sure if he was serious or not so we ran and hid in the bushes, meanwhile, he went back to his bedroom.  It had been about twenty minutes when we saw a glowing light and then there appeared an angel like Lurch standing in front of us.  He told us to stand up, so we did.  He said, “Today God intervened in your life, they were going to kill one of you,” as he looked over at me.  Then he began to explain with a similitude.

The middle oldest went back to his room where his two other brothers were.  He had a collection of hunting knives wrapped up in a folding cloth and laid it down on his bed to pick out the best sharpest knife he had.  When he was about to pick it out of the case, the angel knocked the whole collection onto the floor.  He went to pick it up but then the angel kicked it out of his reach and continued until he started laughing, and the youngest one went to pick it up.  Again, the angel kicked it out of his reach, and they all became frightened thinking they had ghosts in the house and  they stopped.

After the angel had explained, he turned around and walked into the field and suddenly disappeared.  We looked at each other thankful but also fearful that they would go to such a degree.  When we went back inside the house the youngest of the three boys told us the story, leaving out the intent to kill part.  He was very frightened.  I smiled and turned walked away thinking God is watching over us.  He never did leave.  We may not be able to see him in this realm but he is here, always.  Yeshua said to me while we were together, “I will never leave or forsake you.  I’m closer than your mother, father, brother, sister.”  I saw the Holy Spirit walking next to me.  It was times like this that reaffirmed to me that God is still on the throne.

When we are faced with danger and there is no way out,  God will take care of you.  In these end times just know for a fact that if you trust Him he’ll lead you to a safe passage

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