Beauty Or Knowledge

Yeshua, me and my sister, were standing by the Lilac bush on the front lawn talking about me and my sister’s future when suddenly he popped an intriguing question:  Pick between beauty or knowledge.

My sister quickly answered, “Beauty!”

I pondered for a moment delving into the two aspects of the words and meanings, and since she had already picked beauty I said, “Knowledge, but what if I wanted to pick beauty, or both?”

He said, “Knowledge was already yours from the beginning, and you’ve been filled with knowledge since you were born.”

I wondered what he meant as I sat there going over what he had just said to me.  Then he said to learn about Zerubbabel.  And he kept saying his name over and over and said to get out of Babylon.

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4 thoughts on “Beauty Or Knowledge

  1. Amazing info you are putting out there , my biggest concern is the flyby of planet X and how to survive. I’ve tried my best to be in a safer place. have not met anybody so far worried about it . I guess I’m also someone that has been led to take action for this event. What are your thoughts on a safer place and what have you done to prepare. Hope to hear from you. Thank You

    1. Hi Richard, I would be a least 100 miles inland and not around a big lake or body or water. It’s going to pass over America closer to the west than east coast. You’ll want to think about the ground. Sandy type ground leads to liquefication during earthquakes, and this one coming will be one long continuous for about twenty minutes, long with the earth tilting side to side four times, ending up almost upside down. Everything is going to change so think about where you live now and go from there. I’m not sure where I’ll end up but the Pope will announce it – when you hear the announcement know you have 14 days to get to where you want to be. He’ll be off about 6 weeks. And it will be on that month/last weekend of that month during the spring time.

      As far as prepping, it’s really hard to – only that I’m prepared for what is coming before the px system which is just as devastating. Have food, water, and talk to people like yourself that are interested in your area forming a group to get you through all the events that will come ie., before px, during and after px, then living after px. A lot is going to happen so be prepared mentally! Know what’s coming so you can rehearse it before the events.

  2. Thanks Kristine for your reply One problem is finding like minded people , no one believes anything is going to happen (other than some on the net ) they need solid proof. when solid proof appears they might not have time or money to take action. I feel it would be better with a group of people as you’ve said , you’re welcome to join me with anybody else you care about I can send you pictures and info on how I’ve prepared , but not over this open forum. Thank You

    1. What part of the country do you live? I’m on the west coast but when it’s time, be sojourning and relocating. There are a few people I’ve talked to – mostly in Indian area that we plan on taking off when it’s time. I’d love to hear more about your prepping. My email is =)

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