Opening The First Five Seals, Vials, and Trumps – War In America

In a previous blog, I wrote an article titled The Beginning Of Sorrows where I tell you about a super storm to hit the Midwest/East Coast region of the United States followed by a 10+ earthquake along the Pacific Northwest coastal region.  The two natural disasters are the signals/signs letting you know that the beginning of sorrows, which is the opening up of the first five seals, vials, and trumps, is soon after.  What follows is a direct result because of the U.S. economy, which will literally set off a whirlwind of events.

The dollar is held up, manipulated, and hanging by a string at this time, although it appears it is manageable.  Our hope now is with our new President to get industry and jobs back on American soil, but that takes time and cooperation from leaders all over the world and bankers who run the world-wide show.  The economy is set to fail with millions of illegal aliens flooding over our borders and refugee’s flown in undercover through the last administration.  Now, add two devastating natural events and it won’t matter what anybody says or does, the real story behind the so-called “recovery” will be revealed and the dollar is doomed.  We are going to go through the devaluing of the dollar and hardship as we have never seen before.  Add all of the discontents purposely perpetrated, and the race issues, and war will break out.

Let’s look at our political system which is also heavily divided, or so it may seem?  All that we, the little people, are allowed to see is discontent within the ranks and the fighting for power. It could all be a ruse.  In my opinion, however, I believe that President Trump is trying to save America and he will be the last president.  I’ll add, he is the character “Antipas” as written about in the book of  Revelation 2:13 “I know thy works (Church of Pergamos), and where thou dwellest (take abode), even where Satan’s seat (throne) is: and thou holdest fast My name, and hast not (didst deny) denied My faith, even in those days where Antipas was My faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.”

Are you getting the picture yet?  President Trump has to work with the Synagogue of Satan (NWO) but isn’t one of them (he is not a Kenite or a Nephilim) and he is killed because he puts a wrench into the Babylonian New World Order system which then causes the Fatal Wound to the Beast Head (the world financial system).  With President Trump trying to make America Great again he disrupts the NWO plans, which actually HELPS the NWO, because Satan, the Antichrist, is then ushered in to fix the world’s problems.

This is what I was shown in a similitude:  Both natural disasters occur close together in the summer as I have told you (Could be this year/2017).  What follows is in the fall, the dollar devalues and war breaks out in America, both physically and spiritually.  People will lose their homes, their cars, their money, etc., and they’ll be forced to move in one with another.  When you lose everything and have nothing else to lose, this is where war begins.  It will be hard to buy enough food to feed yourself, much less feed a family.  Now, this part I really hate to say because of being graphic. The SOW/Sin Of The World – affecting both spiritually and physically – will lead to parents eating their children or people eating other people.  Then, when all the children were eaten, they began to look to each other.. “Cannibalism.”   

Have you wondered why the topic of cannibalism has been popping up in the mass media? And a new Netflix’s cannibal comedy series “Santa Clarita Diet,” around a suburb in L.A. whose cookie-cutter homes serve as the backdrop for a story about a real estate agent (Drew Barrymore) who develops an appetite for human flesh.  I believe we are being desensitized for what people may succumb to later when real hunger sets in.

The good news is God’s people are protected and the war doesn’t last long (2-3 months) so it’s a good idea to have some food and water set aside to get you through.  I would suggest having one year supply of food, which is about the time-frame from start to finish of all the seals, vials, trumps (bowl judgments) 1-7.

“Into Paradise, Dragon, Sin Of The World, And Portals”

(I can not tell you everything I was shown so there may appear to be missing parts).

Once we got through the tunnel, we came to an end and like a white veil hanging over the opening into paradise, we entered.  There was a small trail that we were supposed to walk on.  On the right was lush green grass, colorful flowers, fruit trees, a river that started from a hole on the side of the hill that started out as a small creek and enlarged as it went down and you couldn’t pass over to the other side.  Up on the hill was the millennial Kingdom.  A bench sat by the fruit trees in the garden.

To the left was a ravine with a small creek running through and a wheat field.  In the wheat field was a dragon chained up.   He had six heads running down his neck.  There was a fence that surrounded him, and an angel stood guard outside the fence.  (This is Satan right now, but there will be a war in heaven, and he and the other fallen angels will be thrown out and cast down to earth, DE FACTO). WOE, WOE, WOE!!!

Lurch took us through showing us around and then Yeshua wanted to talk to us individually.  He showed me where the people that didn’t make it to the good side of paradise go to.  We walked to the edge of the garden, and he drew a window on the ground and opened up a window and had me look inside.  People were wearing normal clothes, not white garments and they were jammed packed next but unaware of each other in a cave or basement with a smooth grey rock.  There were windows up above where they could see a glimpse of what they were missing out on.  They were filled with remorse and unrepentant sins, so they created their own punishments in their minds and what they were experiencing.  They are sort of asleep but awake at the same time.  I didn’t see anybody burning up in hellfire, so they do create what is in their mind.  They are waiting for the millennium period to begin and awaken.  The 144,000 Priests in the Kingdom, the ones who taught false doctrine and traditions of men and misguided people will go in and teach them right this time and get them out if they want out.  But until then, they wait…

Next, I was taken to another part of paradise where Yeshua pulled up a similitude of earth.  At first, it was full of life and light, but then I began to see clouds forming and whirlwinds moving all around.  The clouds turned grey, then dark to blackness first in some areas, but then it surrounded the entire earth, encasing it in darkness and very little light shown out.  The earth trembled and shook.  He said, “This is the beginning of sorrows.”  Then he said he wanted to show me more but on earth itself.  We didn’t travel together, it was Lurch and me again.  I don’t know where my twin sister was, but I think she stayed up to talk to Yeshua while Lurch and I went back down into the physical realm on earth.

We had to pass the darkness I was just shown.  It was heavy, and I thought I was going to die.  Lurch pushed me through; otherwise, I wouldn’t have made it.,  Once we were out, we were standing on the lawn talking and then I saw Yeshua standing under the Willow tree.  It was time for me to go, so I left Lurch and walked up to him and said, “Here I am.”

First, he pulled out a vile with oil and anointed my right temple and forehead and told me I was a prophet and a teacher, but more of a teacher.  Then he told me to start writing down these things he was about to show me to give the last warning to his people.  So I got my scroll and pen and readied myself.

He said, “Look up at the sky, what do you see?”

I said, “I see blue sky, ” And I looked back to him.

He said, “Look again and pointed up.”

So I looked up again, this time I saw darkness that I had gone through and an ashy furnace type of substance falling down covering everything that was outside.  All the plants and trees, grass… everything.  At first, it was a light drizzle, then rain, then heavy rain, and then it was a blizzard to where I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.  “What is this?” I asked.

He said, “This is the sin of the world that has accumulated since the beginning of time and built up.  It is falling slowly now, but there will come a time when it dumps down.”

I looked at my white garment, now covered with the ash and tried to wipe it off.  He said, “You have to pray it off and wash it off your physical body.”

Then he took me to another similitude and showed myself in front of my house waiting for the event to happen knowing it would be very soon.  I was tending the yard and flowers when I looked up to the sky, and I could see the “SOW” begin to fall like a shower.  (There were other’s with me, but they were gone for the day probably working but just getting on with their day).  They all drove up in their cars, parked and ran inside. I also ran inside.  The house had been prepared for this moment.  Most of the windows were covered with wood, and only a couple left undone, including the front picture window in the kitchen and the back sliding door leading to the backyard.  There was a big pile of homemade canned food stacked on the kitchen floor where people had contributed.

The SOW was raining down now, and a man with a rifle was yelling and screaming as he was running down the driveway followed by a group of people chasing him.  He got to the front door and pounded on it, pleading to let him in.  We had already locked the door, and I hesitated to let him in but the group was closing in on him, so it was now or never, so I quickly opened the door and let him in.

Once he got in, he was nervous while the others didn’t appear to be.  The large group of people surrounded the house pounding on the side of the house, windows and doors acting crazy.  They weren’t part of us, and I wasn’t going to let anyone in after the last one.  The man with the rifle picked up a bottle of wine that somebody had brought and started drinking it.  I was warned against drinking any alcohol.  But he guzzled it down, panicked more, then broke out a window and begin to fire on the people outside.  They were growling and screeching making all sorts of scary noises.  He couldn’t take it anymore and ran to the sliding glass door, opened it and ran out into the mob where they gladly took him in, absorbing him… I’m not sure what they did to him, but he disappeared.

Then complete darkness as the SOW blizzarded and we quickly closed up all the windows and patched up the broken out window.  Yeshua told me not to go out in it or let any of the air from the outside in. The final move was to pack a towel in the fireplace chute.  Then he said, “If you have to go outside for anything do so quickly, and come back.  Leave your clothes at the door, then come inside, take a bath and wash everything including eyes, ears, hair even if you had just taken a bath that day.  Then you have to pray it off your spirit.”

I don’t know how long we’ll have to stay inside, but I believe at least seven days.  After the darkness is cleared away, we can go outside, and the sky will appear much brighter and cleaner than I’ve ever seen it before.  The Catholic Church will come out and say the Golden Age, and a new dawn is here, this is the beginning of much better things to come, and the world will listen to him.

I asked, “Can I tell people about this?”

He said, “Yes but they won’t believe you and call you crazy.  It is up to you whether you want to put up with it.  Most people will not listen.”  (He was testing me).

I said, “Yes, the world is going to change, never to be the same again soon…”  And I had in my mind that I’d tell the people so they could prepare regardless even if I was called names and mocked.  At least some people would listen, and that’s all that mattered.  Yeshua smiled approvingly.

This is also about the same time when portals begin to open around the world randomly. The supernatural will start to mesh in with our dimension.  These will open up and close at any given time, so you’ll need to watch where you’re going as you could walk right into one of them unaware and scoop you up and close.  I don’t know if you’ll ever get out of it.

Yeshua showed me one of the main portals that will be permanent.  There will be two of them, and they will be here when Satan the Antichrist is here pretending to be God.  It was round, swirly white cloudish, kind of liquid… hard to explain… and he said I could walk into and check it out.  When I stepped in, it was dark, and there were about 9 big heavy stone doors encircling all around me that were cracked open, and I could see some light illuminating from them.  I saw people going into one of them, they were being guided through.  It was a misty place, like a tunnel and I didn’t go any farther because I was warned that people get lost in them.  So I walked back and all the doors shut.  I stood in complete darkness and suddenly feared I wouldn’t be able to get out of there, but I found the passage I originally entered and came back out where he was waiting for me.

People will line up to go into these two portals when Satan is here telling people he is God.  I was told that people could get lost…  and I could see how easily it could be.  They take you to different dimensions, and a fallen angel will be your guide.  He’ll pretend he’s a good guy… this is all part of the deception coming soon.




What I Know About Death Part 4

I was nineteen years old living in California at the time when this occurred.  I was having pains in my stomach and my primary care doctor thought it was appendicitis so I was taken to UC Davis for emergency surgery.  I tell you, never, ever need emergency surgery or get a Dr. Black as your anesthesiologist.

So they took me into the operating room and put me under and began but half way through I woke up.  The surgeon was telling the anesthesiologist that I was awake but he was mad because it was my fault he wasn’t at his kids birthday party and didn’t care. They are argued for about five minutes until he agreed to sedate more but then I had a reaction and my heart stopped beating.

The room suddenly got bigger and was filled with angels.  The wall behind my head suddenly had windows lined next to each other and angels would go in and out of them. They wanted me to go with them.  Around the people performing the surgery, I could hear the dr.s arguing about who was going to perform CPR and if not how to explain to my parents about how I died on a routine surgery.  I guess it was the anesthesiologist’s responsibility to perform CPR but he refused so the surgeon stepped in.  I felt a blow to my chest a couple of times and then pumping.  After that everything went dark and I woke up in a cold recovery room with Dr. Black – an appropriate name for him.  He was slapping my face hard side to side screaming at me to wake up so he could get to his son’s birthday party.  My eyes refused to open but I could move my arms and hands so I reached up and pulled my eyelids open.  I just wanted out of that hospital.

A nurse wheeled me out into the hallway to take me to my room as this Dr. Black was yelling and showing me my death on paper and telling me he was destroying the evidence.  He said I died for fifteen minutes and that shouldn’t have happened. Meanwhile, I was screaming for my boyfriend to come to my rescue, still holding open my eyelids.  The nurse was laughing.  It was a crazy place… I suggest nobody go there… ever.

What I Know About Death Part 3

They say identical twins are the closest you can get in a relationship.  The womb is shared from conception on into a shared world.  I loved and adored her.  She was my best friend, my mother, and sister.  She was everything to me.  When we went through the hardest times of our life we always had each other.  I was her protection and she was my shoulder and will to live so when she died she took half of me with her.  It took me five years to be able to breathe again and not think about her every second of the day. And I always wondered, “what if” I would have done something differently or if I hadn’t said anything would have it still happened?  My angel Lurch told me she’d die before me, snatched away before her time.  I even saw the angels beside her take her away right before my eyes as those around me pulled me away trying to prevent the inevitable.  We grew up knowing that someday we’d have to part and it scared me.

It started with a dream I had January 1, 2005.  She was in it.  We were in an open field with a barbed wire fence encircled around us.  She was smiling and we were looking into the sunset.  I felt a cold chill run up the back of my neck as I turned around to see that she was crying and I woke up.  I kept having these dreams not understanding what they were trying to tell me until July first.

This time the dream was in a different field on my dad’s property.  We were talking and I was begging that she stay.  She was depressed and crying, almost like she’d given up.  I said, “Just stay for me!”  She said she would then her teeth started falling out of her mouth.  I told her please put them back, you can’t go!  She did for me but I knew her heart wasn’t in it and I knew death was upon her.  That night I had another dream and it told me the exact date and time of her death and the reason why.  When I woke up I knew I had to tell her to try and fix the timeline somehow but how?

That morning I called her, our usual, and I slowly started out about my dreams not telling her the meaning.  She said she was having dreams herself that a giant spider was lurking in the dark and trying to attack her but every time it attacked I’d come out and defend her and scare it away.  I think she knew something was going on but couldn’t explain it…  so I finally told her the last dream in the field where her teeth were falling out and she said, “It sounds like I’m going to die.”

I was surprised she took it so well and said, “Yes…”  And then I told her the reason why and that she had six months and that we had to get it right.  Her death was set on January 1, 2006.  The process would start at 1 pm and end between 1 to 1:30 pm that day. That set us on a course of going through each and every medication she was on along with long eight hour talks through the day each day.  She was figuring out her life and I was there to listen and help her through.  She also had secrets that she hadn’t even told me before that she wanted to get off her chest.

Now my family wanted me to go with them to the coast for the weekend to celebrate the New Year’s, Eve.  I told my sister way in advance.  She sent me a cellular phone through the mail so I could call her.  I look back and it wouldn’t have mattered if I had stayed home or not.  The only difference would have been being that I would have been alone when I got the call.  And so I’ll begin with the story…

As I heard the words empty into my ear, from the phone… “I’m sorry to have to say this, but your sisters dead.”  The blood emptied out of my head, my heart sank to the ground and my body froze unable to move.  Terror was the only thing I could feel as I shook all over and not wanting to believe a word.

Was I still sleeping?  The thought kept entering my mind.  I just talked to her, Saturday… and now it’s Monday, January 2nd.  She died on January 1st, the 1st day of the new year. We tried so hard to prevent it.  What had we missed?

Turning into a robotic human, while shoving my way to the door to let out a scream, I opened the screen door trying to cry but only muffled noises were coming out of my throat as I searched for her face in my mind.

My husband and daughter asked me what happened as they walked into the kitchen. The words would not come out as I kept hearing “your sisters dead”  still flowing like a raging river through my head.  Dizzy, I turned around with so much heartache and overwhelming emotion, I burst out the only words I could…”She’s dead!”  Sobbing uncontrollably, feeling completely defeated, I sank to the floor.  My legs felt like noodles as I cried up to God, asking why???  But he didn’t answer me back.

We had just got back from celebrating the new year with family at the coast on January 2nd when I retrieved the calls from the answering machine.  The message was left by her grieving husband at 2:30 pm on January 1st.  I had the strangest feeling that something had happened to her.  I felt her slipping away.  No, it was more, I couldn’t feel her anymore.  I tried calling but a storm came in and all phones were useless.  The nagging feeling that something was wrong kept me from enjoying myself as my mind always came back thinking about her.  To get my mind off feeling helpless as I  felt her death and not being able to contact to her confirm or not we went to see “Narnia.”  I couldn’t tell anybody either, they’d only say I was delusional.  Funny, even though that was a wonderful movie I still could not shake the dark feeling… Why couldn’t I feel her?  She was removed and I knew it because I’ve never felt this way before.  Something in my spiritual body knew I lost her.

January 1st and waking up at the beach, with the sound of the waves was peaceful.  I tried calling right when I woke up to see how she was but the phones were out due to the storm that came in the early afternoon the prior day.  She left a message telling me her spine felt like it was on fire and in a lot of pain so I was worried.

My husband and daughter wanted to go out window shopping  to check out the little shops.  )Before I left for the vacation I told her I’d pick something special out for her and send it when I got back).  So we set out to wander the small city in the morning but by 10 am I started to panic, way deep inside.  Again, I tried calling her with my cell phone with no luck.  I told myself I’d keep trying to call and with that… forcing a smile, going on with the morning.

1 pm we had gone through most of all the shops and had eaten all the cotton candy, fudge and corn dogs we could muster.  There was one more shop I wanted to go to.  They sold unique glass bottles and stones.  I found a perfect heart shaped bottle with a cork top and various colored agates to fill it to the top.

I asked my husband what time it was.  He told me it was 1:15 pm.  I purchased my items and walked back to the car and tried one more time.  This time the phone rang but nobody answered.  More of me was fading.  More of her was released, parting.  I was physically in pain, feeling the inside of me tearing apart, ripping from every angle.  There was no answer… I wanted to run away, I didn’t want to be me at this very moment.  How could I distract myself from this physical pain, something so horrible that no amount of pain medicine would take it away?

1:26 pm empty… who was I?  I can’t feel you Kandee.  Where are you?  Anguish and despair overtook me.  Now I was nowhere able to function normally.  The song “Don’t Cry by Seal” was on the radio.  The haunting voice of the singer, crying out for me to listen to the words.  What did it mean?

The rest of the day and throughout the evening, I didn’t feel like I was inside my body anymore.  I walked endlessly knowing I would never be the same again.  I couldn’t identify with myself anymore either because a big part of me was ripped out.  Everything felt unreal as I attempted to still be around in-laws, knowing they’d never understand what was going on plus knowing something horrible happened.  But I didn’t lose hope that she was still alive so I kept trying to call and grasping for one more hello.   Plus, retrieving her last message she sent me trying to find comfort listening to her voice.

That night I went to bed early feeling mentally exhausted and wanting to escape knowing she was gone.  I anxiously filled the heart bottle with the rocks I bought and set it on the dresser beside me then took some Benedryl to knock me out and laid down. As I dozed off I stared out into the empty darkness praying to God that everything was okay. I didn’t hear my husband crawl in beside me as I was out for the night.  And then sometime during the darkest part of the night, she came to me.  I felt something tapping me hard and persistent on my shoulder.  Startled awake I turned over to see who it was. There she was sternly looking down at me.  She was wearing the grey sweatshirt, faded tight fit Levi jeans and cowboy boots – what we had talked about if she died, and what she wanted to be buried in.  I was so shocked I jumped up and rubbed my eyes thinking I was hallucinating.  She somberly walked to the wooden chair that was under the high framed window and sat down looking down at the hardwood floor.  Then she said, “Remember we agreed if I died I’d come to you?  I didn’t make it..”  She paused.

I was so shocked I blurted out, “I was trying to call you!”  I thought she was upset with me because I hadn’t returned her call and stuttered out, “There was a storm that blew in and knocked out all the phone lines including the cell tower.  I tried calling you..”  Then in a frenzy, I picked up the big black knit blanket at the foot of the bed I was making her and said, “I’m almost done with your blanket I’m making you, see?  I’ll bring it with me when I come visit.”

“Put it in my casket,” She said with defiance.  She got up and showed me a pearly white casket as she stood behind it.

“I don’t understand, see here is the blanket,” I said not wanting to look at the casket.  “I need to talk to you.  I want to come see you as soon as I get home,” I pleaded with her.

“I won’t be here,” She said.

“Yes, you will be,” I pleaded again with her.

“No, I won’t be here!” She said again as she began to get frustrated with me. “Okay, you can fly out here but I won’t be here!”

I didn’t want to hear or see what she was trying to tell me.  A strange drowsiness came over me as I stared trying to understand.  I struggled to keep my eyes open so I said, “I’ll call you tomorrow morning when I get up.  I promise… or come back again…”

“I don’t think I can, it’s only a one-time thing,” She said. “I’m here because we arranged it before hand.  I don’t think I can come back.”

She got up from the chair and walked to the corner of the room where a black lace see- through veil hung from the wall.  She entered half way, stopped and fixed her eyes back on to me, boring down into my soul with a glare then as if she were studying me with a vexed resentment. Her scowl started to make me feel uncomfortable as I attempted to break eye contact and look away, and then she turned and slipped behind veil between life and death and was gone.

I didn’t know what to think about what just happened as I laid back down immediately falling asleep.  My last thoughts were that I’d buy a plane ticket first thing in the morning to help her resolve the issues that were going on in her life.  I even thought about relocating as I drifted off… and then she came again but this time she took me away in spirit and we were in her bedroom where she had died.

We stood in her bedroom and she quickly laid down on her king sized bed and said, “There is no rest there!  I’ve been running because everytime I try to sit down a demon tries to cut off my head.  I also saw some druggy friends that overdosed and died and they were mocking me.  I had bragged to them that I went to heaven and that I was better than they and then they saw me here in this place and they’re out to kill me or beat me up.  I have to get outta of there and find a better place.  It’s like a maze in there!”

I was speechless as she pulled up a similitude to show me where she ended up at which was the exact same place that Yeshua showed me while in paradise:

This was the same room I was shown while I was talking to Yeshua privately in the garden. He had walked me to the edge of paradise and drew a window into the grass and it opened up.  He told me to open it and look down inside so I did.  It was dark and grey.  There were all sorts of people in there crowded next to each other yet they were oblivious that anybody was standing next to them.  I got a closer look and examined an old woman looking up toward heaven in deep remorse.  I tried talking to her but she didn’t see me.  The room was smooth grey rock and up above by the ceiling were small windows that shown in some light, but very little.  (In that place, you create your hell in your mind and your remorse is that you didn’t make it to the good side but still getting a glimpse from the above windows).

She said when she died that it wasn’t like the first time with us together and Lurch and her angel. This time she said when she got out of her body she waited for Lurch to come get her but then she heard growling noises and black ghouls come up out of the floor, like the movie “Ghost” starring Demi Moore.  She was grabbed and forced down a long dark swirling tunnel into the cave.

I didn’t know what to say, except that I was sorry, I was hoping I was wrong… She turned and faced me and said, “You’re never wrong…  When you say something it happens.  I learned that a long time ago… and why did you say that exact moment in time of my death?  Why not a second more?  I wish I would have had just one second more..”

I said, “I’ll watch after your kids and make sure they’re okay…”  I saw a similitude of them grown up with their families.

She said, “No, they are mine!  And if I had known I would have stopped talking to you. No, I’d never talk to you and spend all my time with them.  At least I would have got more prayers from them down here…”

I began to hear the prayers down in that place where a person praying their prayers echo and search through the dark halls until it found the person it belonged to.

I said, “I’m sorry, I really was hoping we could stop this but at least you were able to prepare yourself and like I told you, the first day of the millennium I’m coming to get you out of here…”

She was still mad so I left… that morning I woke up ready to get back home with all the images of things that happened that night clear in my mind.  As soon as we walked into our house, I checked the phone messages and saw that her husband had called.  Strange… so I called immediately.  That’s when I got the news… a day late… but I had already known.

I miss her every day which makes me even more determined to make it through to the end of this Hot MESs we’re all going to have to go through with Satan and the tribulation. No, there is no rapture.  We’re stuck here but we’ll have angelic help.







What I know About Death Part 2

Like I said in my previous post, not everyone goes up the same way.  I’m going to share an experience I had when I was two years old.  This was my first involvement I had with the paranormal.  It involved my great grandfather and his suicide which I witnessed.  It’s part of my book (but this is a summed up version).   I feel it’s important to reiterate that we are all dealt with individually and again, we do not have the same experience so if you read someone’s book about heaven or hell you may not see it the same way when you leave your flesh. There are things I saw, and I’m not able to share with people, and when you read books about other’s experience in heaven, it could give you the wrong idea that you’ll have it the same way.  I was warned, and so were others, yet they still write books and still made movies.  I will share what I can, but I’ll never write a book about it.

My great grandfather lived next door to us at the time.  He raised my father, and both were drunkards.  My poor great grandmother put up with a lot of stuff, but this one bright sunny afternoon she wouldn’t have to anymore.

It just so happens that my twin and I were looking out the front window overlooking the lawn when we heard a commotion from the right of us.  Then coming into view was my mother and g-grandfather.  They were both yelling, but he was crying and weaving while drunk holding a gun in his hand and swinging it around.  My mother saw we were peeking out the window and she frantically waved for us to get down.  She managed to move him to the driveway, where she stood at the edge, and he was at the other end by the opened garage.  Since we couldn’t see well, I decided to get down and run out the door and stand by her.

This caused more problems as my sister followed me and now both of us were in harm’s​ way.  He was blubbering and asking why she didn’t love him and said he should just shoot himself.  Well, my mom got tired of it and told him to just do it already.

The next thing I know is I watched him raise the gun, point it at his right temple and pull the trigger.  Instantly he fell backward landing on the cement on his back.  He was thrashing all around, and we crept up slowly as my mom reached for the gun and then picked it up.  She told us she had to call coroner to pick up the body since nobody survives something like that.  In her frantic state, she ran into the house thinking we were with her but we stayed behind.

Blood oozed all over the pavement and splattered blood reached into the walls in the garage.  I knelt down and sat beside him because he had stopped moving and I thought I could fix his wound.  I told my sister to go get bandaids from the kitchen.  She didn’t want to go at first, but reluctantly she went in to sneak through without getting caught to come back outside.  I sat there alone with him, seeing his chest moving up and down as he began talking incoherently, then suddenly his eyes opened.  His eyes were crystal clear like he had not been drunk at all and he wasn’t slurring his words.

He said, “Get away from me, I’m dangerous.”  As he tried getting up.

I moved in closer, and now my sister was back with the bandaids.  “I want to fix your ouchie,” I said as he laid his head back down on the concrete.  He didn’t fight as we tore away the wrappers and stuck what we could to his bloody wet hair.  They just fell off. My mom yelled from the house for us to come inside, but for some reason, I just couldn’t leave him there.  My sister got up and said she’d go so I could stay.

I laid my head down on his chest and felt his breathing, then looked up to see tears running out of his blue eyes.  Gently he said, “I didn’t know you loved me…  Had I known I wouldn’t have done this.”  Now he was full of grief, knowing the stupidity of what he’d done.  He tried pulling off his ring to give it to me, but his fingers were swelled, and then his belt buckle, but by that time, he was losing control of hands and fumbled and had me try, but my fingers were too little.  He put his arms back down and said, “I’d give you everything I have, but it’s too late now… And all the greedy people will get what’s in my chest full of treasures.  I know you won’t get anything.  The one person who showed me, love.”

I looked at him and said, “Don’t go!  Don’t go!”  I could feel he was leaving.  His breath was shallow as he struggled for more air.  “I love you, ohhhhh…  don’t go!” I cried in vain. And then everything became silent.  He stopped moving, and I knew he was gone as I laid my head back down on his chest and held him, looking at his shirt with the silver snap buttons.  I traced his face seeing his eyes staring off, and there seemed to be a strange feeling in the air.

Suddenly I began to hear music, softly coming from everywhere.  I looked around and then in the garage on the ceiling, it opened up so I could see the heavens.  It opened up like a scroll, with thunder and lightening.  There I saw my grandfather standing next to a large angel who was dressed in a white garment and holding my grandfather back as they looked down on me.  There was a staircase going up into the clouds and angels lined each step going up.  My grandfather tried to get away as soon as he saw me but the angel tugged his arm back forcefully.

He said, “I would have never done this if I had known she loved me!  Give me another chance.”  This time actually wrestling with the angel.

The angel replied, “You are no longer in control of your life, and it’s time to go see him. You live once on earth.”  He was stern as he pulled him up and started up the stairs.

“No, I don’t want to go, let me talk to her just one more time!” He argued, and then he looked down and said, “I’m sorry, I wish I had known.”  At that point, the heavens began to close like a scroll rolling back up.  He looked panicked but found that he couldn’t fight so he walked up with the angel until they were out of sight.

The heaven’s closed more, and the light of it shown down all around me.  I reached out my hands trying to catch gold dust and put it in my pocket.  The music soon faded and then I was left standing all alone and knowing this time I was never going to see him again.  I walked back into the house using the front door.  My mother was angry and asked where I’d been.  I told her what happened but she laughed then she noticed I had a sunburn on my face and she said, “You look different!”

I guess I was a changed person even though she didn’t believe me, I know what happened.  I don’t know what occurred later to my grandfather, but I know God is fair so everything is as it should be.

Coming up next is Part 3!

What I Know About Death

As many of you know I had a shared NDE with my twin sister when we were six years old.  The circumstance behind it is a book in itself so I won’t go into it but I will take you back into time and my own experience as well as what I’ve seen.

Now Paul says “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord”.  This is true.  Come with me to a big adventure and realize not all are the same.  We are unique in God’s eyes and each are dealt with on an individual basis and the things that led up to the poisoning (our NDE) will be in my book.

Now that night after the poisoning my sister and I lay in our twin beds ready for death.  It was assured, almost a divine act, yet I knew of the consequences especially after seeing what happened to my great grandfather and his suicide.  If you can imagine knowing it was certain and just waiting.  I remember laying on my stomach feeling my last struggling breaths, laboring in and out.  The bedroom seemed darker than normal as I kept staring at my sister whose bed was next to mine not knowing if she was dead or alive.  All I knew was I was close and there was no turning back even if I wanted to.  In my six-year-old mind, it was the only way to reach God and tell him all the horrible evils that were perpetrated on us and what we’d have to endure in this new home with the new family.  We had heard bits and pieces about him and that he was our true Father.  It just made sense at the time.

And then… everything stopped, like time itself.  The air was stale and everything around me was dark as I relinquished into total silence.  I lay there waiting and wondering if this was death, i was aware, yet unable to move.  It seemed like forever when I heard a strong man’s voice coming from the foot of my bed saying, “Get up, someone wants to see you.”

I was startled but I still wasn’t able to move to see who it was.  Again, this time more demanding, “Get up, someone wants to see you!”  I squirmed and wiggled in my body trying to release myself from what felt like a prison.  “Get up!”  The man’s voice said again, and I tried with all of my might to break free and then suddenly my arm and then the rest of my spirit as I sat up and looked around.  I saw my sister at the foot of her bed. Her angel was talking to her and they both turned and looked at me.  Then I looked at the foot of my bed and saw him, my angel.  He wasn’t like my sisters.  He was tall.  His head reaching the ceiling and he wore a white robe with a golden rope tied around his waist with a tassel at the end.  He had blonde​ golden hair and blue eyes and was holding a lamp that shining through the darkness of the room.

I knew he was mad and the person waiting to see me was mad too but what could I do.  I stood up and walked over to him and he said, “We have to go.”  His voice was stern and unwavering.

I said, “I’m not supposed to go with strangers, what is your name?”  Unsure of our destination as I looked him up and down but somehow I knew this “someone” was God.

He said, “My name is Lucciouious.”  And then gave me a scroll with a pen and showed me similitudes of his past through eons of times and places.  I tried writing down his name but I didn’t know how to spell it much less write it down, however, the images stayed glued into my mind of the warrior he is and was with the countless victories and ways he fought.  I got a new respect and knew he was my protection and things didn’t feel so scary anymore.  I turned away from the scroll frustrated that I couldn’t write his name and he said, “Keep it, you’ll need it to write down end time events that you’ll be shown. You’re the last messenger.”

I didn’t know what he meant but I felt at ease so I walked up to him and looked up and asked, “Do you know the show “The Adam’s Family?”

He looked puzzled and said, “No.”

I said, “Well, there is this guy named Lurch and not that you look like him because he’s kind of a monster but you’re as big and tall as he is, so can I call you that since I can’t really pronounce your name?”

I don’t know if he knew what to say still looking puzzled but agreed then we turned to my sister and her angel because it was time to leave.  She didn’t look too happy so I told Lurch I wanted to talk to her for a second.  I walked over and started talking to her and her angel.  He was about our height but a different kind of angel.  Not like Lurch but this one kept changing and never staying as one person or thing.  I could see why she got a little annoyed because it made me feel dizzy and sick watching him.  I stepped in for her and asked him if he could just stay the same and please not change and that people would like him better.  He looked sad and said he was made that way he couldn’t help it. So I told him to just concentrate.  It didn’t work… I looked at my sister and she asked if we could trade angels.  By then Lurch had come up and said it was time to go so I told her no because Lurch was my angel and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.  The fact was I didn’t want to be with her angel as I glanced over to him to see this time he looked like a traveler wearing a backpack and I wondered how far we were going.

Lurch told me to grab hold of his waist as tight as I could.  I backed away and looked up to see his face shining like the sun with a rainbow around his head.  I could tell he knew the reason why I flinched and he said in a soft voice, “It’s okay, I won’t hurt you.”  I felt he was telling me the truth as I came near again and examined his white garment robe and golden rope with the tassel at the end.  I reached my little arms around his waist and looked up smiling as I squinted my eyes taking in all the colors I could see around his head.

He said, “Hold on tight.” As the floor began to make a low roar noise, sounding like it was moving in a circular motion.  First slowly then it picked up speed.  Suddenly the heavens opened up and we shot up through at resounding speed which took me off guard entering into a tunnel with flashing lights and swirling clouds.  I was terrified.  I looked to my right and saw my sister having the time of her life.  “Stop!  Stop!  Stop! I yelled, “I’m losing my grip!  Slow down!” I felt as if I was going to die or fall off and be left behind.

“We can’t stop now, just hold on,” Lurch yelled back.

“No stop!” I yelled back.

We slowed down and stopped in the middle of nowhere.  My sister said, “She’s such a fraidy-cat”, while Smiling and pointing at me.

I looked over at her and said, “I’m not… just we were going too fast.  We could go slower you know”, feeling a little indignant and not wanting to go back on that ride.

Lurch said we could take a breather so my sister and I went exploring into the darkness. There were lights and people in there and suddenly he called us back.  She wanted to see more but he was saying there was not enough time so I grabbed a hold of his waist again. This time more prepared and less scared.

This is where I leave you – until the next entry.





The Two Signs That Begins The Sorrows

I was shown signs through similitudes to watch for future events so that I could warn people and track where we are in prophecy.  Those who have watched my Youtube channel or Facebook know I’ve been giving out warnings since February 2011.  That is when God gave me the “unction” to start.  He gives warnings way in advance so we can prepare.   So, just because they haven’t happened yet doesn’t mean they won’t.  It just means we are moving further into the time where we are running out of time.  I don’t know what year but I know details and signs that lead up to these two natural disasters that kick off the first five seals, vials, and trumpets. Once the two events occur, we are swiftly moved into the sorrows.  We are extremely close, so I’m sounding the alarm.

Before the first five seals, vials, and trumpets open there are two natural disaster events to kick things off.  It starts with a huge storm with a lot of destruction in the area of the Midwest and Eastern parts of the United States.  The Midwest and East coast have been pounded over the years with weird weather, but this storm will be the Mother of all storms, and the final one.  In the similitude, I saw homes torn up, roofs ripped off and debris scattered everywhere.  I’m not sure if it’s tornadoes or high winds but brace yourselves in any case.  It will cause a strain on the economy once more, and as people are cleaning up the areas the storms hitting,  the West coast is hit with an earthquake.

The earthquake will occur along the Pacific Northwest coastal region and reach inland. It won’t be like a typical one where you feel rolling movements.  This one will be one great jolt followed by a tsunami and mudslides from unstable ground and flooding.  It’ll be about a 10 on the Richter scale.  People who are standing will be knocked on the ground, followed by aftershocks.

It will happen during late summer of that year, which I’ve been watching the signs and it looks very possible it could be this year, 2017. From what I was shown it appears to be August, in the late afternoon or early evening and during a weekday.   I want to say a Friday as it seems that people are preparing for relaxation and enjoyment, not as a mundane Monday.  It will be one of those perfect days with a beautiful clear sky, sunny and warm.  There will be no warning what-so-ever.  I want to say it will be around 6 p.m. so most people will be home from work, which I don’t know if that’s good or bad.  Just in case, watch for it between 3 – 6:30 p.m.  Those living along the coastline will not have much time to get out of danger before the tsunami hits and, depending on the roads and destruction at that point, people should have a backup plan before hand.

The parts most affected will be the coastlines, but it expands into the metropolitan areas too.

I don’t like being the bearer of bad news, and it’s not easy trying to warn others, but this is what I’m supposed to do.  I pray for everyone’s safety and God’s protection over you, your family and friends.